Most of the time when people guess pronouns for me it is he/him, this is new!! This is interesting! complicated feelings???


authentic trans™' DELA, 2014

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My biggest advice (specifically for school but helpful for most things): multicolored pens

I heard from my school’s gsa’s president that there are like, more genderfluid/bisexual people around than gay/lesbians, I have met 2 genderfluid people thus far, this is neat??? she is not the most reliable source though, she forgot the word for cis and said she identified with her genitals instead and I did a large degree of *headdesk*

puberty number twoberty

There is a kid from high #school who now goes to my college and I barely know him at all he was in my homeroom and cs class and I’m terrified. He just friended me on fb and I just saw him and I am so scared because of, im trans

Its so funny when cis people think someone else picked my name for me

Idk if I’m glad or confused abt some1 saying this class is mostly girls when I’m the only not-girl in it. Mostly is an understatement, just said 2 account 4 me

Right now at college there’s one person who calls me he and one who calls me she (I am occasionally too tired to correct anyone) and I am fine /amused with this

@lucylovesmuchly I don’t have your number!! But I am going to send/show you a picture of an extremely good shirt

I mentioned I’m nb to someone and she asked me my pronouns 5 minutes later :) :) :)

If you live in central pa and think I’m interesting??? hmu, I have a car

My mom called me oldname talking to my ra…….. #family #misgendering #college

dad laughs, says “I didn’t say anything” then “just don’t expect me to call you lord byron” and I’m dying